Vanilla soap

Vanilla soap

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  • Handmade soap bar, softening & hydrating
  • Made with organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, vanilla bean seeds, vanilla essential oil, natural TiO2
  • For all skin types
  • 110g/ 3.9oz, wrapped in biodegradable cellophan and packaged in a reusable and recyclable handmade cotton pouch  
  • Dimensions approximately 7.5 x 5.5 cm/ 2.9 x 2.10 in
  • Ships worldwide from Chania, Crete
  • Price includes 6% vat
Why you'll like it: 

This handmade natural soap bar is dedicated to all Vanilla lovers. It softens and hydrates the skin, and it's naturally sweet scented with conditioning vanilla seeds. Made with Organic Olive oil, a great cleansing agent that conditions the epidermis, and with Organic Coconut oil which hydrates the skin and provides the soft foam of the bar. Vanilla calms, soothes and conditions skin, and is considered a mild aphrodisiac. 

Vanilla soap is suitable for all skin types and can be used for face and body.


►Hydrating and conditioning

►Gentle to dry skin

►Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

►Suitable for all skin types


Contains: an Organic, cold-pressed Cretan Olive oil and Organic Coconut oil blend, enriched with Vanilla essential oil and natural Mexican Vanilla been seeds. Natural dyeing deriving only from plants and natural scents from essential oils. No Synthetic or industrial produced chemicals, preservatives, colours or fragrances used. No animal ingredients or animal testing.


Take care of your soap: Store it in a cool, dry place till the first use and on a dry surface after each use to prolong its life.


Ingredients in their official names:

sodium olivate >90% (organic olive oil), aqua, sodium cocoate (organic coconut oil), vanilla planifolia oil (vanilla essential oil), titanium dioxide (natural TiO2), vanilla planifolia seeds.